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Eaceni is a swine ultrasound machine manufacturer. A Swine ultrasound machine can be done as early as possible. This article introduces the precautions for using swine ultrasound machine.

The breeding herd strives to minimize production losses associated with empty or non-productive days, or days when the swine is neither pregnant nor nursing, in order to reduce these costs. Some swine will fail to conceive or bring a litter to term even in the most prosperous groups. Such swine must be found as soon as possible so that action can be done, such as culling them or returning them to the service area for rebreeding. Therefore, picking up the negative results is the main goal of any pregnancy testing device .

The earliest feasible identification of returns to service while recognizing observable symptoms of heat is the least expensive and most reliable way. It is a crucial component of breeding herd care and is not changed by the use of sophisticated machinery.

Active pregnancy testing can be done with an ultrasound scan or using the Doppler effect. A Swine ultrasound machine can be done as early as possible, in about 21-25 days. And the swine ultrasound machine operates very accurately to create images of the developing embryo. But be aware that a positive pregnancy test at 21-25 days does not guarantee that the sow will stay in the pig and bring the litter to term.

Using Swine ultrasound machine detects increased blood flow and turbulence during pregnancy by reflecting sound waves back from the uterine arteries. It cannot be used reliably before 4 weeks gestation.

Rechecking for pregnancy in sows after 8 weeks of gestation is standard procedure due to the likelihood of a false positive pregnancy test at 4-5 weeks. Using swine ultrasound machine, fake pregnancies, sick uteri, sows in oestrus, and a sow with a uterus filled with mummified pigs all provide good test results. Some operators assert that they can hear and even differentiate and count the 70–100 heartbeats per minute of developing fetuses beginning at around 8 weeks of gestation. This is improbable since the heart rate of piglets decreases as term approaches from 200 beats per minute throughout gestation.

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M56 Handheld ultrasound machine for veterinary use swine pregnant

Eaceni is a swine ultrasound machine manufacturer.We sell swine ultrasound machine and other ultrasound for pigs,such as pregnancy ultrasound machine for swine.

Swine Ultrasound Machine
The Swine Ultrasound Machine must be properly maintained, especially the battery should be replaced regularly. Notably, one sow had received 2 positive pregnancy tests but failed to farrow.
a) Was never pregnant, either because of faulty testing, a fake pregnancy, or an infected uterus.
b) Is chock-full of mummified pigs that won’t cause farrowing (such animals will not come on heat).
c) Has had an abortion.
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Post time: Feb-13-2023